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Top 38 Words from the First Presidential Debate

September 27, 2008

As candidates Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain approached the presidential election just 38 days away, here are the top 38 words from the transcript of the debate

Are these the words you hoped to hear?  What are the top words you expect to hear from candidates Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden during the October 2 Vice Presidential Debate?

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  1. September 27, 2008 6:32 pm

    I haven’t heard much I didn’t expect to hear in the first debate between Obama and McCain. I was surprised at McCain’s language about the U.S. not torturing prisoners of war again. Does that mean we certainly have tortured prisoners of war? I believe yes, and that is against our American values.

    I saw a great deal of very negative body language by McCain. He was stiff, angry, sneering, muttering under his breathe, and wouldn’t look at Obama. He seemed to regard the entire debate with contempt. Obama was loose, relaxed and ready to go. He frequently looked at McCain who wouldn’t look him back in the eye.

    Predators look you straight in the eye. Prey avoid a predator’s direct look. Then the predator takes off after the prey and catches enough of them to survive.

    John McCain didn’t do himself any favors by refusing to look his opponent in the eye. You always look your opponent in the eye. It is a sign of strength. Not looking your opponent in the eye is a clear sign of weakness, lying or shame. Perhaps the torture McCain endured has broken his strength? Perhaps he is still ashamed he was broken so many years ago in Vietnam?

    Here’s what I’d like to hear from Palin and Biden.

    Palin: prior to the debate, “I must respectfully withdraw from the position of Republican Vice-Presidential candidate because ____ is happening in Alaska and my duties as Governor require my immediate return to the state to deal with the crisis.”

    Palin is not equipped to become Vice-President, a heart-beat away from the Presidency.

    I expect Biden to be direct, answer the questions, engage in the debate and give the American people what they want to see and hear in the second-in-command of the greatest nation on Earth.

    Palin is clearly a serious mistake. She can’t go one-on-one with Katie Couric. Couric is very tough, but wasn’t being unreasonable or on the attack during her recent interview with Palin. If Palin can’t handle a news interview, how is she going to handle a rogue state should McCain drop dead? Send it to its room to think about what its done? She is too inexperienced in world affairs to be that close to the Presidency and to be in charge of the Senate.

    The Bush administration has already set up the next President, no matter who it is, for a tough fight with rogue states. Al Qaida is strong again, the Taliban is back, North Korea is testing missiles and nuclear war heads, China has ramped up its space program outside of our intimate knowledge (a new space race may be on for world defense), Russia isn’t feeling sorry or wrong about its invasion of Georgia, and we’re antagonizing our ally, Pakistan, by not working much more closely with them on the war on terror. Not to mention the number of other allies we’ve managed to aggravate during the past 8 years.

    I’m convinced Bush believes McCain won’t win so he’s leaving the Democrats as big a mess as possible to deal with so the Republicans can win in 2012.

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