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Introducing mclib dot net

September 9, 2007

new blog mclib dot net

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The official blog of McCracken County Public Library has been established and we invite you to visit! Check us out at mclib dot net for news about what is happening in our little neck of the library world.

It has been a fun year, since I first joined the blogging world. checking out and checking in has been an attempt by me to check out some of what social networks offer us in ways to communicate with each other. In turn I have checked in here with some fun examples and opinions of library programs and services that we wanted to share.

Now it is time for the library to share with our own local community at You can also find the library’s flickr page, LibraryThing account, links there as well.

Plans are for 3-4 library team members to contribute to the new blog. But more important is the request for our community to contribute too! We want to hear from them and hope they share their experiences too.

I will continue to post here more about broader examples of libraries and librarians as we work together to share ideas. I look forward to more fun working and playing on the web.

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