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Just a Drop in the Bucket

August 21, 2007

goat milking

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Librarians, I agree, are often afraid to ask for what we want and our timidity may keep us from championing change. So why are we timid? Sometimes I think it feels like a return to high school days.

Remember how that felt? Were you part of the most popular crowd or were you hidden among the outcasts. Where are you now? Odds are that you have changed.

Back then it was all about best friends and cute clothes and homecoming dances. Does our profession idolize the same? Sure it does if but a little bit differently. Now it is about friends on facebook and trackbacks and conference itineraries.

Social networking can help reduce that timidity. A certain feeling of anonymity is offered even when you blog under your own name. Whether you flickr library programs, ning youth services or twitter updates to other librarians, you feel strongly about sharing your voice. Every now and then you might miss your mark. But even an expert expects, every now and then, a little milk spilt.

There are a couple of opportunities coming up to be show your courage and passion for change. Thanks to Moving past “our own” for the link to BlogDay 3 which takes place on August 31st. Then on October 15, the chance to showcase resources to enrich the world comes in the form of blog action day!

Take your pick or try both. Share your passion because, thanks to the tip from Darlene, the world does need your blog, you are more than just a drop in the bucket and you are worth it!

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