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This Librarian 2.0 Speculates Upon the Library 2.0 Debate

August 5, 2007

Hopefully humorous yet simply sincere, this first attempt at video blogging is a response to what she did about what he created because he has been encouraging this and they all talked about it some more while we had presented this take on the whole thing.

Confused about Library 2.0? Just relax, take a look and a listen or read more below…

And thanks for the momentum from all of you too!

librarian 2.0
updates and seeks
is not content with going
from this point A
to that point B

librarian 2.0
needs much more
than just a library
understands the work goes on
mostly after quittin’ time at 4:00

librarian 2.0
meets and greets
all the challenges on and off
the street
politics and networks too
in both RT and virtual worlds

librarian 2.0
needs lots of tools
books and data and Golden
emerging technologies also allow
play to be work for all of us now

librarian 2.0
wont stand still
keeps the momentum
pushing shoving round ‘n round
respects spectrums but trusts flywheels

librarian 2.0
knows its the who
that makes a library 2.0
get the right person in the right seat
or this bus can’t get up the street

librarian 2.0
wants all the gadgets
and the open source
needs them to be all techno geek
giving customers a new outreach

librarian 2.0
is without generation
old or new doesn’t
admires those who persevered before
challenges those just now on board

librarian 2.0
ignores cliches
doth not puff up
knows this movement is more than words
more than lip service to change our world

librarian 2.0
admits adoring words
of the noble libbloggers
has got to admit the debate has sparked
more than one infamous quote

librarian 2.0
thanks with a smile
LibraryThing’s main man
for understanding what’s important all the while
“I have seen the future of libraries:
It is to spend the future discussing
the future of libraries.”

librarian 2.0
is happily participating
helping David with Michael and Cindi
but knows it is time to get off our butts
and practice what we are preaching to prove this stuff!

librarian 2.0
Good to Great
cindi @ chronicles of bean
Kansas and Guitar Hero on YouTube
Mo Willems

and her daddy
for letting her play librarian
with his offices supplies
when she was little…

Serving You Since 1986
needing to push myself forward every single day

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