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Imagine Lovely Levynn’s Library in 2028

July 2, 2007

Levynn loves Louisville Free Public Library!

It is time to reflect, I suppose. Most anniversaries cause one to do that, I know. Happy one year anniversary to me! checking out and checking in began a year ago this week after an exciting trip to New Orleans for ALA 2006. You can learn all kinds of things there, you know?

I will not bore you with links to what I deem to be previous blog highlights. You can find those that might intrigue your own sensibilities in these archives. The most surprising aspect of my posts has been the response to book reviews. If comments on Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon are any indication, Eclipse, will have an amazing release.

Or I could reflect at this time as well upon my past 21 years at McCracken County Public Library. What a wild ride it has been and, I am sure, will continue to be. Believe me, I can feel it!

But what I had rather do is to contemplate where our libraries and technologies might be 21 years from now. Your library in 2028. Can you even imagine? Technology in 2028. Can you begin to dream it?

Lift your hand into the air. Pause and point your finger. Drag open your virtual window and consciously transfer any question. What answers will you receive? What possibly will Levynn’s and our access to education, entertainment, and delight be?

Thoughts, comments, opinions do matter. Please share your own if you care to celebrate with me!

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  1. July 3, 2007 10:07 am

    May we use the lovely photo on our library’s web site? We’re starting to collect photos of summer reading champions with their signs and this shot would help us attract others.

    Craig Buthod
    Louisville Free Public Library

  2. October 7, 2007 1:58 pm

    May we use the lovely photograph one more time? Our library is on the ballot in November to create a public library district and improve funding for the Louisville Free Public Library. We have a campaign organization called Libraries Yes and the campaign is producing a TV commercial with photos of the Library Champions. Would you ask the parents of the lovely Levynn if the campaign can use her photo in its commercial?

    If her parents allow, the campaign can send you a copy of the commercial for memory’s sake. Please let me know as soon as you can as the ad will be produced in the next day or so. Thanks so much.

    Craig Buthod
    502-417-6152 (cell)

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