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Get a Clue @ your library!

June 11, 2007

best faces for Get a Clue @ your library

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This week has been a great kickoff for our summer Youth Services programs…!!

Over 250 free lunches were served at the library during the Summer Feeding Program by the Lunch Ladies at St. Mary Schools.

25 “Tweens and Teens joined the You Never Know @ your library program with special programs on Extra Sensory Perception and the initial meeting of the Book Pass Club. This is our first year to offer Summer Reading programs for these age groups.

More than 600 kids and caregivers enjoyed the kickoff of Get a Clue @ your library during three programs by guest performer Mike Hemmelgarn, Comedian and Ventriliquist.

Very Special thanks go to Youth Services team members Cathy Edwards for coordinating the Get a Clue programs and Michelle Batcher for coordinating the YNK programs!

We wont even begin to list all the names of everyone who really helped pull this off but extreme thanks go to ALL library team members for cutting out, stamping, copying, stuffing, printing, announcing, crowd-controlling, bathroom-helping, lost-parent finding, filling in, helping out, checking in and out, and generally being good sports about the wild and crazy days during this first week of Summer Reading…!!

Oh…!! and Domino’s also brought free pizza for the kids at the 1:00 p.m. program on Thursday too…!!

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