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Missouri, Not Really, Librarian Gains Fame, Sorta, On YouTube

June 6, 2007

According to LISNews today, Missouri Librarian Gains Fame, Sorta, On YouTube.  Even though KFVS12 Heartland News, our “across the river neighbor” in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, did feature Linda, her cape, and her fame this week, she actually is a team member with Youth Services at McCracken County Public Library in Paducah, Kentucky.

We are grateful for the coverage, even though we are not part of a college network, as KFVS described, but part of our local Comcast Cable Authority.  But who knows, maybe our Super Librarian soars across the river, from cable to college, lending herself “to easy transference between the two personalities?”

Our local newspaper, The Paducah Sun, also ran a front page feature, McCracken library ad a big hit on YouTube, on the library’s Super Librarian YouTube video as well as other Library 2.0 technologies planned for the library.

Since Super Librarian is such a hit from New Jersey to Kentucky and now evidently Missouri, how about all you other states joining in?  We know you have Super Librarians too!

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