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Welcome Home Lewis and Clark

October 13, 2006

James Alexander and Dark Rain ThomFollowing the Final National Signature Event of The National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, Lewis and Clark: Currents of Change in St. Louis, Missouri and prior to the Return to Clarksville in Indiana and Homecoming at Locust Grove in Louisville, Kentucky, McCracken County Public Library and Paducah Bank commemorated the 200th anniversary of the return to Kentucky by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

Noted author James Alexander Thom highlighted the Evenings Upstairs program, accompanied by his wife Dark Rain Thom, National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Planning Council Member, @ your library.   Jim Thom was introduced by Dr. Ken Carstens, Murray State University professor of anthropology, archaeology, and world geography.
Lewis and Clark’s trek was chronicled in journals which can be read as more than just a detail of history.  Thom extolled the journals as story by calling them “an amazing literary epic” for our young country.  He shared information as well about his experiences researching and writing both From Sea to Shining Sea and Sign-Talker.

Dark Rain Thom spoke about her experiences as a “path smoother” during planning and preparation for all National Signature Events.  She was charged with ensuring that the Indians and the white people along the route commemorated the expedition in peace and unity.

Most people know that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark made their way through our region during their expedition to and return from the west.  According to Lewis and Clark at the Falls of the Ohio — A Timeline by James J. Holmberg, The Filson Historical Society, “Lewis and Clark and the party with them (some but not all of the men) took the southern route rather than the Vincennes route they had planned to. They crossed into Kentucky from Illinois and came up through the counties bordering the river to the Falls.” 

Paducah’s Borders Express made available copies of Follow the River, From Sea to Shining Sea, Sign-Talker, Children of the First Man and Thom’s newest book, Saint Patrick’s Battalion.  Thom graciously autographed copies of his books and visited with more than 50 of his admirers and fans.

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  1. October 20, 2006 1:53 pm

    I want to hear all about this …

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    Very interesting information! Thanks!


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