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Stem Cell Research and Presidential Vetoes @ Your Library

July 23, 2006

I have written about Opposing Viewpoints Resouce Center before.  If you are looking for balanced information on current social issues, check with your public library to find out if Opposing Viewpoints is offered to their customers.  Your library card is required to access these articles from school, work or home:

  • “Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Ethical” by Michael D.
  • “Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Not Ethical” by Dennis
    P. Hollinger

While visiting your public library’s website, search their online card catalog for Stem cell now : from the experiment that shook the world to the new politics of life.  Check it out.

Current magazines and newspapers provide these views.

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity shares “The Stem-Cell Veto” by David P. Gushee, Ph.D.  A Podcast/Audio Version is available as well.

The official National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research offers you both basic and broad information.

Finally, The American Association of School Librarians and the American Library Association publish Keeping Current in Science.  They state, “We need to provide our students with the scientific literacy they will need to make effective and ethical decisions in their personal and professional lives as global citizens in the twenty-first century.”  Toward that effort they provide links to EurekAlert,  and National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

More internet resources on Science in the News can be found at Net Worth: Keeping Current in Science on the AASL Web site.  AASL is a division of the American Library Association ©2006 American Library Association. Copyright Statement.

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